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 My Taxi Card 

Associated Cab is the first Taxi service in Calgary to offer a Pre-Paid & Reloadable Taxi Cards (Associated Cab Bucks). This reloadable card can offer you a vast variety of convenience never available before. One of the most common ways to use this pre-paid card is when you want to pay for someone's cab ride, however giving them cash or allowing them to charge up your corporate account or credit card is not an option or is inappropriate. It can also be used in cases when you want to ensure someone you care about always has the ability to pay for the cab ride home, like your children, elderly parents or even give them out as gifts to loved ones who might need a ride home after the party. You may also use this card for your employees or guests attending events.

The owner of this card can log in to our website and reload or check on available funds or you may stay in control of the card and register it yourself to ensure there are enough funds always available. For more information or to order your Associated cab Pre-paid cards please contact us at or by phoning our administration office 403-299-1199 

Click here to Reload, Register or Check on your card's available funds

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